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With the following data protection policy, we would like to inform you which types of your personal data (hereinafter also abbreviated as “data”) we process for which purposes and in which scope. The privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data carried out by us, both in the context of providing our services and in particular on our websites, in mobile applications and within external online presences, such as our social media profiles (hereinafter collectively referred to as “online services”).


The terms used are not gender-specific.


Last Update: 8. July 2024


Alexandre Helfer
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Contact information of the Data Protection Officer

Cookies are small text files or other types of storage markers that store information on end devices and read information from them. For example, to save the login status in a user account, the contents of a shopping cart in an e-shop, the content accessed, or the functions used of an online offer. Furthermore, cookies can be used for various concerns, such as for the functionality, security, and comfort of online offers as well as the creation of analyses of visitor flows.

Notes on Consent: We use cookies in accordance with legal regulations. Therefore, we obtain prior consent from users, unless it is not required by law. Permission is particularly not necessary if the storage and reading of information, including cookies, are absolutely necessary to provide a telemedia service (i.e., our online offer) expressly requested by the users. The revocable consent is clearly communicated to them and contains information on the respective cookie usage.

Notes on the legal basis for data protection: The legal basis on which we process users’ personal data with the help of cookies depends on whether we ask them for consent. If users accept, the legal basis for processing their data is the declared consent. Otherwise, the data processed with the help of cookies are based on our legitimate interests (e.g., in a commercial operation of our online offer and its usability improvement) or, if this occurs within the fulfilment of our contractual obligations, when the use of cookies is necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations. We clarify the purposes for which the cookies are used by us in the course of this data protection declaration or within the scope of our consent and processing processes.

Storage Duration: Regarding the storage duration, the following types of cookies are distinguished:

  • Temporary cookies (also: session or session cookies): Temporary cookies are deleted at the latest after a user has left an online offer and closed his end device (e.g., browser or mobile application).
  • Permanent cookies: Permanent cookies remain stored even after closing the end device. For example, the login status can be saved and preferred content can be displayed directly when the user revisits a site. Similarly, user data collected via cookies can be used for reach measurement. Unless we provide users with explicit information about the nature and storage duration of cookies (e.g., when obtaining consent), they should assume that they are permanent, and the storage duration can be up to two years.

General notes on revocation and objection (Opt-out): Users can revoke the consents they have given at any time and also declare an objection to the processing according to legal requirements, also via the privacy settings of their browser.

  • Processed data types: Meta, communication and process data (e.g. IP addresses, timestamps, identification numbers, involved parties). Usage data (e.g. page views and duration of visit, click paths, intensity and frequency of use, types of devices and operating systems used, interactions with content and features).
  • Data subjects: Users (e.g. website visitors, users of online services).
  • Purposes of processing: Provision of our online services and usability.
  • Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR). Consent (Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR). 

Further information on processing methods, procedures and services used

  • Processing Cookie Data on the Basis of Consent: We implement a consent management solution that obtains users’ consent for the use of cookies or for the processes and providers mentioned within the consent management framework. This procedure is designed to solicit, log, manage, and revoke consents, particularly regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies employed to store, read from, and process information on users’ devices. As part of this procedure, user consents are obtained for the use of cookies and the associated processing of information, including specific processing and providers named in the consent management process. Users also have the option to manage and withdraw their consents. Consent declarations are stored to avoid repeated queries and to provide proof of consent according to legal requirements. The storage is carried out server-side and/or in a cookie (so-called opt-in cookie) or by means of comparable technologies in order to associate the consent with a specific user or their device. If no specific details about the providers of consent management services are provided, the following general notes apply: The duration of consent storage is up to two years. A pseudonymous user identifier is created, which is stored along with the time of consent, details on the scope of consent (e.g., relevant categories of cookies and/or service providers), as well as information about the browser, system, and device used; Legal Basis: Consent (Article 6 (1) (a) GDPR).
  • Cookie-Opt-Out: In the footer of our website, you will find a link that allows you to change your cookie settings as well as revoke corresponding consents; Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests (Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR).
  • Cookie Consent Manager CCM19: Cookie Consent Management: Procedures for obtaining, recording, managing, and revoking consents, particularly for the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing, accessing, and processing information on users’ devices as well as their processing; Service provider: Papoo Software & Media GmbH, Auguststr. 4, 53229 Bonn, Germany; Website:; Privacy Policy:; Basis for third-country transfers: Switzerland – Adequacy decision (Germany). Further Information: A pseudonymous user ID with the consent status is saved.

Changes and Updates

We kindly ask you to inform yourself regularly about the contents of our data protection declaration. We will adjust the privacy policy as changes in our data processing practices make this necessary. We will inform you as soon as the changes require your cooperation (e.g. consent) or other individual notification. If we provide addresses and contact information of companies and organizations in this privacy policy, we ask you to note that addresses may change over time and to verify the information before contacting us.

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