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IC Drivers

Discover Excellence and Ingenuity with our IC Drivers Collection. Let Innovation Shape Your Control and Precision Needs – Embrace the established Standards of Electronics.
Quad Motor Driver
Elevate your motor products with the intelligence of our Quad Motor Driver. This meticulously designed ASIC is the ultimate electronic solution, seamlessly complementing motor systems. Engineered to flawlessly manage up to 4 Stepper Motors within an instrument cluster, it provides an elegantly efficient interface for micro-controllers. A streamlined approach to driving stepper motors, it significantly reduces design complexity while expanding the range of micro-controllers compatible with stepper motor operation. Unlock the potential to control multiple stepper motors with limited PWM outputs, amplifying micro-controller capabilities.
Clock Motor Driver
Precision meets innovation with our specialized ASIC circuit tailored for clock solutions. Fuelled by the vehicle’s battery, this Integrated Circuit empowers the Clock Stepper Motor, achieving seamless synergy. Supported by an external Crystal Quartz, the circuit ensures uninterrupted movement, displaying time with unparalleled accuracy through hour-minute pointers. A master of efficiency, the integrated Low-Power management system ensures minimal power consumption, guaranteeing sustained performance.
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