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Stepper Motors

Experience precision, elegance, and reliability with our X-Series Stepper Motors. Let innovation redefine your clock and gauge designs – choose X-Series, where the future meets tradition.
X10 Clock Stepper Motor – Elevate Your Clocks to New Heights!

Experience the next level of analogue clock precision with the brand new X10 Clock Stepper Motor. Building on our well-established and reliable stepper motor technology, this improved version introduces “zero detection” functionality through an Infra-Red sensor as well as incorporating anti-rattle-noise-reduction in demanding external environments. Unleash a new era of clock design with limited shaft tilt angles, allowing for small clocks with unique non-flat dial surfaces. With a front contact configuration and IR-sensors on a single Printed Circuit Board, quality and innovation meet in perfect harmony.

X27 Classic – Timeless Stepper Motor for Automotive Gauges!
For decades, X27 Classic has been the go-to Stepper Motor for automotive gauges and instrument clusters. Cost-effective and reliable, it has stood the test of time, continuously updated with the latest technology and materials. Available in front or rear contact configuration, it embodies the essence of stepper motor innovation in the automotive industry.
X40 Dual – Dual Shafts, Dual Solutions for Modern Instrument Clusters!
Adapt to modern instrument cluster challenges with the X40 Dual Stepper Motor. Featuring a double coaxial independent shaft design, it caters to the growing demand for flexibility and adaptive display concepts. Concentrate information efficiently with overlay and dual ranges, while the vertical construction ensures smooth guidance and identical behaviour of the two shafts. Leave the typical “flat” construction behind and step into the future of instrument clusters.
X65 High Torque – Unleash Power and Performance!
When high torque is a must, X65 High Torque Stepper Motor delivers unparalleled performance. Ideal for standard or high-demanding applications, it thrives in challenging contexts, such as high vibrations or large pointers. With a unique architecture recommended for future platforms and developments, this top-tier solution sets the standard for years to come.
Custom Stepper Motor – Tailored to Your Specifications!

Our custom stepper motor is the result of extensive engineering and design expertise. We’ve tailored it to your needs, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether you require precise positioning, smooth motion control, or any other specialized functionality, our custom stepper motor is up to the task.

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