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Experience automotive innovation and precision with JST as a one of global leaders in automotive electronics design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our 25-year legacy, certified excellence, and cutting-edge R&D centre ensure top-tier quality. Choose JST for unmatched technical partnerships, from modular devices to high-performance precision instrumentation, backed by our trusted global distribution network.

With a proven track record of excellence in design, manufacturing, and delivery, JST stands as a leader in the automotive electronics sector. Our product range includes digital modular clocks and gauges, mixed analogue and digital gauges, stepper motors for instrumentation, electronics, precision-engineered plastic housings, front dials, state-of-the-art illumination techniques, and advanced front glass options - with or without anti-reflective coating. Additionally, our precise pointers are meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous technical and visual standards of the automotive industry.

Our components are designed for seamless integration into your automotive systems. Whether you require standalone applications directly connected to the vehicle battery or models engineered for intelligent connections linked to CAN or LIN Bus systems, JST has you covered. With advanced features like position detection and precise time display management, our components are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern automotive industry.

Quality is our priority. Each component undergoes rigorous testing and configuration before leaving our facilities, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products built to perform in demanding automotive environments.

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With a rich history dating back to 1994, JST, formerly a part of the prestigious Swatch Group, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the automotive instrument cluster industry. Operating under the trade name SWITEC, we pioneered the design, manufacturing, and distribution of automotive stepper motors, setting the industry standard and becoming the undisputed leader. Over the years, we have continued to evolve, introducing a range of motor types, including a twin-shaft version designed for automotive applications.


In 2010, as part of the Swatch Group’s strategic shift, SWITEC’s activities found a new home with the JUKEN GROUP, and Juken Swiss Technology (JST) was born. This transition marked the beginning of a new era for us, highlighted by exciting developments such as LIN connected smart Clocks Programs.


The year 2012 witnessed a significant merger between the Juken Group and the FRENCKEN Group, leading to further growth and innovation for JST. Between 2012 and 2018, we expanded our portfolio to include LIN and CAN bus automotive instrumentation, serving renowned brands with personalized Gauges.


In recent years, from 2019 to 2021, in addition to our core products, we have specialized in crafting exceptional, limited-edition handmade Parts. Some of these exclusive timepieces have been produced in quantities as low as 30 pieces, underscoring our dedication to craftsmanship and uniqueness.


Throughout our illustrious 25-year journey, we have achieved remarkable milestones, including the production and sale of over 600 million stepper motors, 45 million drivers, and 2.5 million automotive car clocks and gauges. At JST, our legacy of innovation and quality continues to propel us forward, and we look forward to partnering with you to shape the future of automotive instrumentation and beyond.

  • 1994


    Founded, part of Swatch Group
  • 2004

    Microcomponents AG

    Merging with Universo and Michel
  • 2010

    Juken Swiss Technology AG

    part of Juken Group
  • 2014

    Juken Swiss Technology AG

    part of Frenken Group

Quality and Certification

At JST, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled services and top-tier products, setting the gold standard in the automotive industry. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives our pursuit of excellence, employing cutting-edge strategies like continuous improvement and Zero-Defect strategy.

Environmental Stewardship is Our Pledge
JST takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. We continuously refine our products and processes to align with the latest regulations and industry standards. Furthermore, we extend this ethos to our supply chain, encouraging compliance with environmental protection mandates.

Innovative Hub in Grenchen, Switzerland
Located in Grenchen, Switzerland, JST's research and development centre is the location of innovation. Here, ground-breaking ideas come to life, setting the stage for automotive advancements that redefine the industry.

Precision Tested in Our State-of-the-Art Facilities
Every JST product undergoes rigorous scrutiny in our meticulously approved testing facilities in each phase of its/their development and manufacturing. This ensures that only the highest quality components make their way into your projects, instilling confidence in the performance and reliability of our offerings.

Global Production Excellence in Zhuhai, China
Our state-of-the-art production facility, strategically located in Zhuhai, China, embodies efficiency and precision. Here, cutting-edge manufacturing processes ensure that every product upholds the rigorous standards synonymous with the JST brand.

A Legacy of Excellence – Certified
With a lineage that includes in the time ISO, ISO-TS, and other esteemed customer-specific awards and certifications, JST has consistently raised the bar. Today, we proudly hold the IATF 16949:2016 certification, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and performance. Not to be outdone, our production facility also holds the IATF 16949:2016 certification, further solidifying our dedication to excellence.

Collaborate with JST and discover a new level of automotive excellence. Join us in revolutionizing the industry, one exceptional product at a time.

Distribution Partners

Unlock the world of technical excellence with our trusted partners. Embrace innovation, precision, and unparalleled service, backed by years of experience and a commitment to your success.

Innovative Sales & Marketing Inc. (US) - Your Reliable Agent & Distributor

Explore a wide spectrum of contract manufacturers and experts in injection-moulded plastics, printed circuit boards, miniature stepper motors, wiring, and electronic components, including power supplies, oscillators, crystals, and ICs. Your gateway to technical excellence awaits at ISM's website.


SAVIX S.r.l. (Italy / Europe) - Your Premier Distributor

Experience the art of automotive instrumentation repair and cluster repair parts like never before. SAVIX is your go-to source for repairing and enhancing your automotive clusters without the need for full replacements. From LCDs to motors, cable ribbons to pointers, EEPROMs to covers, we've got you covered. Discover the full range of our products, including Juken Swiss Technology motors, all available for immediate delivery at SAVIX's website.


Langtech Ltd. (Hong Kong / Asia) - Bridging Excellence

Langtech specializes in offering top-notch production line solutions for nonferrous alloy casting, surface finishing, and custom-made equipment. As a crucial link between the Chinese Automotive and Household Appliance Industries and cutting-edge foreign technologies, Langtech has grown alongside the rapid development of Chinese industries. Explore your possibilities at Langtech website.


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